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We offer the possibility to register digitally for the 'Cue Action Open Groningen 2018'. Below is a summary of the rights, obligations and conditions for digital registration.

  • The digital registration consists of two steps:
    • Complete the registration form below and
    • transferring the registration fee of € 35, - within 5 days after registration. No timely payment means no registration.
  • All fields must be filled in otherwise there is no registration.
  • Each participant will receive an e-mail after filling in the form of the Organisation, within 24 hours, with an acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Within 24 hours, every registration will be honored or rejected.
  • Closing date for digital registration is Friday 13 July.
  • Payments can be transferred to bank account number NL24SNSB0950904015 (Bank: SNS) in the name of “E.J.M. Garrelds”, stated your first and last name. Foreign participants also need to use the following payment details:
    IBAN: NL 24SNSB 0950 9040 15
  • If you do not get a confirmation of registration in your screen after clicking on 'send', then you are not registered!
  • Only use the dark symbols only otherwise you are also not registered!
Registration form
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