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Tournament Info
The 20th Open Groningen 9-ball on July 15th 2018 is a Double Knock-Out tournament, with as this moment a schedule of 64 DKO till last 16.

Game type

Game type is 9-ball, minimal race to 7 (loserside minimal race to 6). We use the standard rack, no magic rack and ball number 1 is on the spot.
Rack(s) and Spot
The standard rack is used, not a magic rack. Ball number 1 on the spot.

Agreements can be made about racking. If it does not come out, then the rule 'opponent racks' applies.

There wil be played on 17 Clash Steel II tables with a Simons 860 sheet (blue). We also use a shimmed table under these tables. It is possible that you are also placed on this table

On all tables is played with match balls. These belong to a particular table. It is not allowed to change the balls per table.

You can register digitally through this website under menu option ‘Register’. There are 64 spots available (allocation based on received registration fee)

Prize money and costs
All of the registration-fee will benefit the prize pot. A summary can be found under menu option ‘Prize money’. Registration direct entry costs € 35,-

The tournament starts at 10.00 hours. When registered digitally (and if made possible by draw) traveling time of the participant will be taken into account, and a  reporting time of 09.00 hours or 10.00 hours can be agreed upon by the tournament committee.

The draw will take place on saterday the 14th of July. Afterwards contact will be made with the participants to announce the time they need to report the day of the tournament. If there are any empty spots in the draw sheet, they will be numbered. Any later registrations by e-mail, phone or at the start of the tournament will be attached by a second draw to the numbered spots of the first draw.

Dress code

There is no required dress code.


17 Clash Steel II tables / Simonis 860 cloths (blue)

Cued Clothing

GO Custom Shafts

Pool Noord

Cued Clothig

GO Custom Shafts

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