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We’ve done it again.

Sunday the 16th of juli we will hold the 19th Open Groningen.

This big and eccentric tournament in our small and eccentric city with international flair and its own unique atmosphere makes it a special occasion for top players from multiple countries, but also for our own ‘local heroes’ to take it on against these top players.

Entries for the 19th Open Groningen can be done through our digital form on the website or through our Open Groningen Facebook page.

Also it will be possible to follow the performances of friends and know players. This, of course, shell be done through the famous Social Media, our Open Groningen Facebook page.

All relevant tournament information will be on display from today under the various tabs on this website. There is also for participants from afar the opportunity to plan their trip.

To finalize, the team of Cue Action Groningen and the Taskforce Open Groningen wishes you a warm welcome to the 19th Open Groningen on July 16th in Cue Action Groningen.


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